Pants on Fire is the hilarious live game show where teams of comedians grill each other about personal stories. Each time a contestant steps up to the mic, they have no idea whether they’ll be revealing a personal truth or selling a lie they’ve never seen before.

Does anyone smell smoke? Liar, liar…

Bringing in a panel of 4 brand new funny contestants each edition, the show is hosted by RobYn Slade, features team captains Angie St. Mars & Aaron Pridham, and is produced by Paul Little & Leah Borchert.

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The Great Patio Showdown

From the folks behind Pants on Fire, The Great Patio Showdown is a free game show pitting two teams of comedians against each other in a series of ridiculous games and quirky trivia rounds. You’ll find yourself both playing and laughing along on the Gas Station Patio.

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Telling Fibs Has Never Been so Fun
2019-10-28 • Winnipeg Free Press

Comedic bluff callers: Local comedic game show tests contestants’ ability to fib
2018-01-09 • The Manitoban

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