We are currently not operating in a physical location, and thus do not have a specific space that can be booked regularly for events, concerts, or rehearsals.

We do, however, book a semi-regular music series called Sonic Spotlight at various venues around Winnipeg (including at the Cube during the summer) as well as music stages at larger events such as the Manitoba Night Market and Festival. Feel free to get in touch about our ongoing plans for these events if you’re generally interested in performing.

If you’re an act touring through Winnipeg, we can certainly pass along tips and recommendations of venues to look into depending on the type of show and expected dew. Places like Le Garage, Wee Johnny’s, X-Cues Café and Lounge, Forth Café — as well as higher-capacity spaces like The Park Theatre and The Good Will — are all good options.

We’re also happy to answer any questions for you about our ongoing search for a venue for Purple Room 2.0 (including some potential “Purple Room 1.5” shared spaces to use for a year or two) and how this can affect both future event plans and your previous or potential contributions to our campaign.

You can reach Paul Little or one of the other members of Team Purple Room in the following ways:

E-mail: info@purpleroom.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/purpleroom.wpg

Twitter: @purpleroom_wpg

Instagram: www.instagram.com/purpleroom_wpg